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Here Is How You Can Earn Money For Life With Your Reviews

On this page, you will learn about how you can make money with every review of yours for FREE. It takes around a minute to set up and makes you money for life. Its not a requirement so if you do not wish to make money with your reviews, you can just skip this.

First Know How A Website Makes Money
We or any website on the Internet earn money by showing ads of different companies and digital media advertising agencies. While many websites show a lot of ads, here at we value our user experience more than the money and hence we show a small amount of ads only in reviews and category pages and not on our whole website. This helps us to pay for our staff services, server bills and other random operating costs which are a lot.

How You Can Make Money?
As described above, every website and show ads to earn money. Now at we value our reviewers and their contributions in making a top consumer review portal and hence we reward them by giving a share of an ad spot on their reviews. So in simple terms, we show ads for you in one of the ad spots in all of your reviews published online.

That's Great But How Do You Earn Money With Ads?
We utilize which is a digital retailer of digital products and services to help you make money. In the ad spot, we show advertisement of a good selling digital product from marketplace with your affiliate link which will mean, if someone clicks that ad and ends up making a purchase, you make money anywhere from 10% up to 75% of that product sale!

What Is The Affiliate Link?
Once you sign up as ClickBank member, your username can be used to create an affiliate link for any product available for sale in their marketplace. This is called the affiliate link which ClickBank affiliates use to promote those products and as and when a sale happens, the affiliate earns money. This is known as affiliate marketing and you can learn more about it or about by searching Google.

So What Do You Have To Do To Earn Money With Reviwes?
Simple, just click here to sign up for account, its free and just takes a minute to sign up. If you already have a account, you don't need to sign up again. Just log in to account, click on make money tab from side menu to update your username and click on Save! You are all set to make money with your reviews for life.

How Do You Get The Money?
Using your username, our system will show ClickBank marketplace product ad in your review(s) one dedciated ad spot. If viewed on desktop/laptop, the right hand side bottom square ad spot or on mobile website, the bottom square ad just below the write your review button on your reviews will be used for this purpose and ad with your affiliate link will show 50% of times the total visits your review gets. So once your ad start showing on your reviews and is clicked, it may or may not end up becoming a sale. If its clicked and a sale happens, you earn the affiliate commission. You can see inside your account how much clicks your affiliate link gets and how much money you make. is solely responsible for tracking clicks & sales. It is also responsible for sending you the money (by check, direct bank transfer or wire transfer) you make as affiliate commission. only show ads with your affiliate link so we cannot answer or held liable for any issues related to clicks, sales and paychecks which are processed by only and not us.

So You Published Many Reviews & Not Making Any Money?
If you have set up your account and updated its username inside your account as described above, your published reviews will start showing ad in that ad spot mentioned above with your affiliate link, however that does not guarantee you any money. In order to enhahnce your chance to make money, you need more people visiting your reviews. You can achieve this by sharing your reviews on social media, your blogs or by email to your friends and family. The more people visit your reviews, the more will click your ad with your affiliate link and the more chances you will have of them buying the marketplace product and making you the money (affiliate commission).

How Can You Get More People To Visit Your Reviews?
First of all, ensure you submit reviews which is useful for others. That is, it describes pros and cons of the product/service you are reviewing in detail and in easy yet perfect language free of spelling mistakes. This will help your review rank better in search engine for people searching for that product or service reviews online and the higher the rankings, the higher the number of people which will visit your review. Also do not forget to share your reviews on social media and anywhere you find people that might be interested in reading your review(s).

How Can I Ensure My Ads Are Showing?
Once you have your username updated in your profile, you can visit any of your published review and right click on the right hand side bottom square ad or on mobile website, the bottom square ad (second not the first) after write your review button and then check the URL of that ad to see your ClickBank username in it. If its showing your username fine else simply refresh the page to try and find it again. As we show ad with your affiliate link 50% times of all the impression your review ad spot gets, it might show on second attempt so you need to refresh the page to see the ad with your affiliate link. If you can't seem to find your affiliate link even after that, do let our customer service team know.

Will Your Ads Really Show For Lifetime?
Remember your ad will show for as long as is online and under its founder ownership. As and if goes under new ownership, this set up is most likely to continue but it depends on the decision of the new ownership.

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If you have any questions about any of the points above, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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