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Offer Your Customers $1 Amazon Gift Cards For Free For Writing Reviews For Your Business.

Its time to make review marketing work for you. Instead of begging your customers to write reviews for your business, you can now literally force them to write a review for you.

For a limited period of time as part of our brand rewards program, the brands joining may qualify for this offer where we work with you to get you more genuine reviews on your review page by offering your customers an exlcusive reward code using which they can claim $1 Amazon Gift Card by posting a review for you.

How It Works?

Its very simple. Once you are onboard as a brand, our brand support executives will work with you to get your review page up and running and optimized. And then if you qualify for our brand onboarding special offer, we will share with you a review reward code which you can share with your customers to claim $1 Amazon Gift Card for writing a review for you.

Ready to join us as a brand & get your business genuine reviews? Simply click here to create your free brand account on and then please email to discuss your brand review marketing plan with our brand support executives.

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